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💐 Bouquet Hat

💐 Bouquet Hat

Bouquet hat
Wild flower series 3- Numbered and signed original wearable art sculpture hat.
Dried and pressed flowers between clear vinyl. Adjustable plastic snap back in a variety of colors chosen at random.

One size fits most. Fits like an average adult L. Extra large patterns are available upon request, please continue with purchase and then email [email protected] with your order number and size request.

Frequency and arrangement of flowers will vary from hat to hat and from photo shown.

Due to the scarcity and or age of the fabric or materials it may show some signs of use and or vary in pattern from photo shown. All years for age of fabric and type are best approximations.

Hats and images may be sold or distributed by Falconbowse in any medium in the future, Physically or digitally.

Fabric print/design remains copy write property of its respected creator/s. If differs from FalconBowse LLC

Hat design and concept copy write of Falconbowse LLC Brian downey 2022

Allergy ⚠️ warning
Flowers are actually dried wild flowers and may cause allergies or reactions to those who may be affected, even though they are encapsulated in sewn vinyl the possibility may be present and please consider before purchasing if that may be an issue.
Do not attempt to eat or consume flowers. FalconBowse is not responsible for any issues pertaining to this as purchase is acknowledgment and disregard of this possibility.